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Computer hacking is a serious issue. Two of the biggest reasons hacking is successful, especially with randomware (a type of hacking that locks your computer until you pay a fee,) is due to lack of proper protection for a computer and lack of knowledge of how to avoid getting hacked. I’ve been hacked before due to just not being aware of what type of care that I need to take to be able to protect myself. I wasn’t taking my own personal cyber security seriously until my computer was compromised and I was getting spammed with advertisements. Knowing that I need to be be more careful with what I click helps protect me from an invasion of my computer and computer network.


Rubica is a personal cyber security company that provides tools that people can use to help protect themselves, so it’s more clear when there is a risk or a threat approaching. Their security experts monitor these potential threats and will help to keep people safe if someone tries to steal their data, or if someone tries to inject a virus into their computer. They will also warn their customers if they need to take action to help protect themselves, such as changing passwords if they are compromised.


Rubica is constantly developing to adapt to new threats and the evolution of hacking. As fast as the digital age is growing for the benefit of society, there has to be people out there looking to shield the people from the opportunistic criminals that are looking to make quick dollars. Banding together with some of the leading firms in cyber security, Rubica is at the head of the pack when it comes to protecting personal information online.

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