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Sam Sotoodeh Leads Efforts to Expand Acquisition Group


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Sam Sotoodeh is the leader and founder of the Santa Ana-based company, Acquisition Group. The company is diversified and the services offered evolve around Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Securities Investments, International Business Development among others. It conducts its operations in three continents of the world: Europe, North America and South America.

Sam Sotoodeh attended California State University, Fullerton, where he earned a BA in Economics. This acted as the start of a career that entails having investments around the globe. His quest for more education in preparation for a challenging future led him too pursuing an MBA from the Cornell University.

He went on to compliment his knowledge in business by studying management at the Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Equipped with negotiation, He led his Acquisition Group into acquiring the News & Observer building that is based in North Carolina’s capital. After previous efforts to haggle had failed, a deal was finally struck and is rumored to have cost Acquisition Group $22 million to own the building.

The building had been put on sale in 2017 but local investors declined the offer of $20.2 million. This opened the way for Acquisition Group led by Sam Sotoodeh to purchase the premises which are owned by the McClatchy Company, a media company. Sara Glines, the President and Publisher of the News & Observer expressed her enthusiasm. She said that the agreement with Acquisition group has made her newspaper investment move to a more modern workplace.

This relocation will enable Glines’ company to own two floors with one of the facing the street where the community can easily observe. To Glines, this will provide an opportunity to promote flexibility and collaboration in her company making it easier to associate with the community. An increase in property value has already been reported by the Wall Street as a result of this transaction.

With the acquisition of this building that previously was home to the newspaper people, Sam Sotoodeh and the Acquisition Group will start plans to develop newly acquired site. It is situated next to Nash Square, an area that is expected to benefit from the downtown development expected in the region.

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