See What a TigerSwan Professional’s Career is Like

James Reese Tigerswan

Special operations teams take part in dangerous missions all around the world. Persons not serving in the military nor working as a private contractor never see what the jobs entail. Those who sign up for simulated training with special ops pros gain a rare insight into the secretive world.

James Reese co-founded “The Range Complex (TRC),” the North Carolina facility for special operations training. Active members of the army stationed at Fort Bragg often take part in training here. Now, people from non-military or security backgrounds can enroll in training here. The experience is both serious and unforgettable.

James Reese Tigerswan

James Reese does understand what goes into effective training. He also co-founded TigerSwan. TigerSwan provides active security personnel to handle challenges across the globe. The security firm also offers consultancy work to clients requesting assistance. Reese likely only hires the most skilled and effectively trained crew for his team. At TRC, someone from a completely different profession from a TigerSwan pro can take part in the training.

During the training session, participants see James Reese runs and incredible operation. A newfound respect for TigerSwan staff may derive the minute the training missions start. One training mission involves simulating a fast-paced hostage rescue. Powerful Chevy SUVs transport the teams to and from the rescue location. And live ammunition plays a role in the scenario. The live-fire training adds a high-stress level of realism to things. Dealing with extreme stress contributes to somewhat staying calm during real missions. Preparing the mind alone won’t be enough. Special ops teams must possess mental preparation for missions. Whether working for the government or a private firm such as TigerSwan, proper preparation is critical.

TigerSwan teams understand what becomes required to succeed on missions in global danger zones. Not everyone will pursue a career with a firm like TigerSwan, but many can gain insights into the training. Thanks to former Delta Force officer James Reese, some of the mystery is taken away. People see that hard work, determination, and reliable training makes a special ops soldier or contractor successful.

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