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Seymour Segnit Has Insights for Budding Entrepreneur



Seymour Segnit personally didn’t like all the tangles and inconveniences associated with the multitudes of charging cables on the market. So, he did

something few others would do. He launched MAGFAST, a company that sells magnetic chargers free of wires. The crowdfunding campaign that started everything amassed $600,000 in a single day. Segnit proved he knew what he was doing when he took the MAGFAST charger concept and made it a viable product. Actually, there are six chargers now with each serving a set purpose.

Some may find it surprising that Seymour Segnit states his productivity is not often ramped up. He says he works every day, but spurts of massive productivity only happen at certain times. The key phrase here is he tries to work every day.

While the tempo of his productivity may change, he is always attempting to do something. Consistency on the job keeps things moving forward. For a startup, management can’t afford lulls. Seymour Segnit isn’t someone who remains idle. His work ethic helped MAGFAST grow. His background helped a lot, too. See This Article for additional information.

Besides working all the time, Seymour Segnit tries to be observant. The idea for the MAGFAST charger originated from Segnit, who noticed how companies produced suites of products. These “suite products” working in harmony with one another. The MAGFAST Family of six chargers all work together, and they can make charging devices easier. And the chargers work at putting the era of tangled cords in the past.

Like other top managers, Seymour Segnit believes it is important to find the best people to do a job. When something is outside your capabilities, hiring another person to do the work makes sense. Entrepreneurs sometimes try to do too much by themselves. While noble, doing so brings forth many risks. Namely, things won’t get done right. Find Additional Information Here.


Visit his LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/seymoursegnit/