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Sharon Prince: A Vision Of Serene Spirituality


Grace Farms is the passion project of President and Chair Sharon Prince and one of the only ways to fully describe the location is spectacular. Their River Building is fully modern as it winds through the property like a river of glass, wood, and metal. Grace Farms is a community center, but the reality is that it is something much bigger than that. The location includes an amphitheater, library, gym, and mess hall along with other features of the land. Sharon Prince is happy with what has been created at the property is located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

The architecture firm that designed the River Building is based in Japan and known as Sanaa. Sanaa has won the Pritzker Prize and is known for designing ultra-modern buildings that are essentially large and functional works of art. While the town of New Canaan may seem like a strange place to have this modern of building, but the town is surprisingly a small hub for modernism after several people Harvard decided to call it home many years ago and it is only a few hundred yards away from New York’s border that is connected to Connecticut.

By creating a welcoming place, Sharon Prince hopes to be able to bring the community together in order to encourage peace and action when it comes to having a positive impact on the world. There are several programs and events that are put on by the team at Grace Farms that are available to the public and Sharon Prince invites the community to participate and hopes that they’ll be moved to take action and help the world. Wildlife conservation is important to Sharon Prince along with ending child trafficking. Grace Farms Foundation’s director of justice initiatives discussed the topic of child trafficking during an opening event.

About Sharon Prince: ncadvertiser.com/tag/sharon-prince/

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