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Sharon Prince and Grace Farms Foster an Appreciation of Community and Nature


The Founders of Grace Farms invites the public to explore the beauty of this land seven days a week for free. To foster a sense of personal rejuvenation, inspire interpersonal communication, and deepen public appreciation for the natural landscape, Grace Farms is one of the largest free natural spaces in Fairfield County. This space offers seasonal on-site programs to educate the public on the vast biodiversity of our environment and warmly invites visitors to share these experiences.

Upon acquiring this 80-acre property of unparalleled beauty, Sharon Prince and the founders of Grace Farms have committed themselves to restore the natural habitat for wildlife and stimulating the biodiversity of the landscape. 70% of the natural meadows have been restored, which were property was previously mowed inhibiting wildlife use of the land. Currently, the founders are encouraging the growth of natural meadows to restore use of the space by different species of birds, bees, and butterflies. Kestral Falcons, recently removed from Connecticut’s Endangered Species list, have returned to the reinvigorated habitat. Grace Farms welcomes the community to tour the meadows during the summer months.

Grace Farms offers a community garden which seeks to foster the values of self-sustainability and community involvement. Through active participation in gardening, visitors can gain a sense of well-being offered by this meditative task and learn new skills for self-sustainable growing practices. Gardening education at Grace Farms teaches visitors how to grow their own personal gardens while fostering a sense of community through hands-on learning. The produce from this large garden is used in the onsite restaurant and is donated to local charities. Grace Farms has donated about 500 pounds of fresh produce a year to families in need.

Sharon Prince, the visionary Chair and Founder of the Grace Farms Foundation sought to create this community space which can offer individuals self-rejuvenation, foster a sense of community through shared experiences based in nature, and encourage an appreciation in the public for the beauty and biodiversity offered by the land.

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