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Sheldon Lavin Bolsters Growth at OSI Group with Three Recent Expansion Measures


OSI Group is a leading food production company in the world. Currently, it has built about 65 food production facilities in over 17 countries. Besides, the company has offered thousands of people direct and indirect employment. The company’s star keeps on shining as plans to expand its business operations to all corners of the earth go on. In recent years, there have been rejuvenated efforts by the company’s leadership to expand the operations further, especially in Europe.

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, is now in the twilight years of his careers. As such, he is working extra hard to leave the business in a better position than it has ever been. His vision has always been to see OSI Group last for many decades to come while still leading in the supply of top quality food products across the globe.

To create the legacy he dreams about, Sheldon Lavin has shown aggressiveness in the expansion of business operations. In the past three years, OSI Group has made three key expansion measures.

Expansion in Europe

The European food market is one of the most lucrative in the world, and Sheldon Lavin has been eyeing an opportunity to control it. Recently, he ramped up efforts to achieve this goal by applying business acquisition tactics. OSI Group acquired two key food production businesses. One was Baho Food, a Dutch food company with a strong presence in 14 countries around Europe. The second is Flagship Europe, a UK- based food company that was later renamed “Creative Foods Europe.”

With these acquisitions, OSI Group has gotten the head start needed to gain control of food production operations in Europe.

Expansion in Spain

OSI Group has expanded its food production facility in Spain to double the production of chicken products. Under the instructions of Sheldon Lavin, the facility in Toledo received a 22,600 square feet expansion.

Expansion in the local market

The North America market is critical to the operations of OSI Group. There is a huge demand for its products, and the company has responded by acquiring a production plant, formerly owned by Tysons Foods, to increase its food production capacity.

Looking at these measures taken by Sheldon Lavin, there is no doubt that he is determined to accomplish every dream he has harboured about OSI Group.

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