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Sheldon Lavin Built OSI Group from Nothing


It is a tough thing to start a company and turn it into a successful business. Most new companies go out of business within the first year. This is a sad fact that happens all over the world. It is rare for a company to succeed. It is even more rare for that company to become massively successful all over the world. Sheldon Lavin is one of the few people on the planet who is able to say that he accomplished this amazing feat. He bought a controlling interest in the OSI Group when it was made up of only a single factory in the Chicago area. The company now has factories all over the business world.

His unique vision for success when he officially became the CEO of the OSI Group. He knew the company would have to expand in order to make the most of their profit potential. He started out by building some factories in the western United States. He did this because these states did not have many options where freshly processed meat was concerned. He wanted his meat factories to be able to supply the huge demand for meat in these areas. Sheldon’s strategy paid off in ways that he could have never foreseen.

After the OSI Group had conquered the United States, Sheldon Lavin set his business sights on the rest of the world. He took a look at some other countries to find out if they had good meat processing companies. He found that China and some smaller countries in Asia that were still developing needed processed meat. Sheldon reached out to these countries. He was able to strike a deal with all of them that would allow him to open OSI Group factories in these foreign territories. This increased the revenue of the company by a very large amount. Sheldon Lavin is considered by many people to be a business genius. He would never say this himself because he is much too humble. However, the bottom line is that he took over OSI Group when it was tiny. It is now a company that is world famous.