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Shervin Pishevar Forees a Rough Patch


The days of the United States atop the totem pole regarding world innovation, have recently been called into question by Shervin Pishevar, the co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One, in a scathing return to social media. The University of California, Berkeley graduate, took to his Twitter account to discuss a myriad of future events facing the United States, including the status of the five unicorn companies, the changing of the guard regarding Silicon Valley and innovation, and our current financial institution, which he feels is on the verge of completely collapsing. Throughout his career, Shervin Pishevar has displayed an uncanny ability to identify profitable upstarts, which have given his platform more credence when he chooses to discuss his thoughts regarding the American economy. In his portfolio today, are a number of companies that have risen to the forefront of their fields, including Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Airbnb, Uber, and Rap Genius.

One of the more pressing matters that Shervin Pishevar discussed during his 50-tweet barrage of posts, is the future of the current world financial institutions. As stateless digital currencies begin to take shape, particularly Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Shervin Pishevar believes that our current financial institutions will eventually face irrelevance. While Bitcoin has experienced a number of hits to its value in recent months, the power of cryptocurrency, as well as its relevance to the future, are what Shervin Pishevar believes will allow it to see a significant resurgence over the next 24 months.

The stock market is also facing quite a bit of turmoil, reversing many of its gains from early in the year. Shervin Pishevar believes that things will get worse before they get better, and the stock market will soon experience a very significant loss, to the tune of 6000 points. Detractors of Mr. Pishevar’s beliefs did not have very long to debate the accuracy of his prediction, as the Dow Jones lost 1000 points the next day, providing a bleak outlook for the near future. Many markets began to look unsafe amidst the billion dollar exits, lackluster treasury auctions, and other massive sell-offs.