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SoftBank Purchases Fortress Investment Group


Fortress Investment Group has always been a leader when it comes to incorporating world-class methods and procedures in their modes of operation and expansion. Fortress Investment Group is an American company that has vast experience and expertise in handling and managing assets for its clients. The company has established its presence in very many countries across the world. Its ability to diversify its portfolio and venture in a wide variety of sectors of the economy has solidified the conglomerate’s massive control of the investment world.

Fortress has also strengthened its position at the top because it is not afraid of change. Fortress Group has been a company at the forefront of accepting new methodologies and change. The year 2018 was one of the years that Fortress Group experienced tremendous transition. The best thing they did was to purchase of the firm by SoftBank.

SoftBank is an investment company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was formed in 1981 by Masayoshi Son and has invested in various industries such as; Telecommunication, E-Commerce, and the Internet. Some of the companies in which SoftBank has stake are Uber and Sprint. SoftBank brought in Fortress Investment Group into its network after seeing the tremendous things the company has done and what it can achieve with certain factors in place. The deal is said to be a solution where everyone benefits for both parties. Fortress will also retain its leaders and remain in control of the day to day activities.

Following the sealing of the deal, Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank, Masayoshi stated that Fortress Group has an impressive performance history. He added that he was thrilled by the sealing of the deal and he looks forward to benefitting from Fortress’ able leadership and world-class investment platform. According to Masayoshi, the purchase of Fortress will play a key role in expanding Softbank’s capabilities and fostering long-term growth.

It is no doubt that Fortress Investment Group is a powerhouse when it comes to managing people’s assets and making proper investment decisions. For decades now, these well-informed and properly structured methods of investing have borne fruits for not only the company but also the investors and clients. With the integration into SoftBank’s network, Fortress is set to go up and achieve so much more.

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