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Squaw Valley’s Quick Response To An Unfortunate Situation


There was a mishap in Squaw Valley, California that resulted in E. Coli and coliform bacteria working their way into the drinking water. This occurred on Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Due to the possible health risks involved the incident was promptly reported.


The water received the proper treatment and is improving. There are four well used by the upper mountain area and three of them were infected. The restaurants are closed and all individuals are restricted from drinking any of the water. There have been no reported health issues. This famous ski resort is handling the situation extremely well and the skiing from top-to-bottom is continuing.


There was a rain storm of an unusually heavy degree that caused the Placer County systems to become infected. The water systems at both the Gold Coast and High Camp had already been upgraded but overflowed due to the down pour.


Routine testing found the problem quickly and the correct agencies in Placer County and Squaw Valley were notified of the situation immediately. The best experts in water safety were brought in to help. Everything possible is being done and will continue to be done until all of the water levels show a normal reading. The regular water will not be used at either facility for any reason until all the health officials and health experts are positive the water is safe to drink.


Customer safety is incredibly important to the resorts and their first priority. All safety procedures are followed. The individuals currently staying at both resorts are able to use the facilities on a normal basis. They are being given bottled water to drink and are not being charged for the water. All of the resorts guests will receive updates as the situation continues to unfold.


The resorts have publicly thanked all the agencies that have lent their assistance through the water contamination. They have stated the cooperation was very much appreciated.



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