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Steve Lesnard’s Modern Marketing Tools


Marketing in the 21st century has been completely revamped from its 20th counterpart. The era of passive marketing from billboard signs, magazine ads, or roadside signs is long gone. The advertising frontier has moved right into the hands of the consumers themselves via the smartphone device. This single piece of technology has completely reshaped the landscape in terms of how advertisements care created and who they target. Steve Lesnard is an expert in the ways of modern advertising. He recently published an article on Medium about the two core aspects to keep in mind going forward.

Modern advertising all begins with how to convince consumers to purchase a product.

Walt Disney used to consider the story as the most important component. In this sense it means having the consumer understand what the product is, what it looks like, and how it can be useful. The shorter and memorable phrases are often ones that stick with consumers better in the long term. Apple mastered his technique over a decade when the iPod began hitting the market. The phrase “10k songs in your pocket” perfectly captures that size of the device, its application, and benefits. This concept has been a big part of their market techniques even into the present day.

The second key to modern advertising is connecting directly with the consumers. This can be done through video demonstrations or interactive features. However, some companies find there is nothing greater than going directly to the source. Steve Lesnard describes a company who used s mascot character to activity perform in front of consumers. The ability to see the product in use and attach a face to a company name proved to be a strong booster in sells. It is critical for companies to meet the consumers at their level. An advertisement can easily go over their heads if it doesn’t resonate.

In the 21st century, advertisements is still a strong component of any company. The ways in which its conducted have changed, but the goal remains the shame. They are effective tools and inform and attract potential new consumers to buy.

Find out more about Steve Lesnard: https://www.producthunt.com/@steve_lesnard