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Stream Energy, Relief By Design


Stream Energy is a multi level marketing company that puts its focus not only on providing people with a sustainable amount of energy along with a phone plan but also the opportunity to be a recipient of the acts of charity they employ on a regular basis. It has been twelve years since this company has been giving back to the community and it is no surprise that a considerable amount of earned rapport has been won in regards to their business system in general. Stream Energy is one of the many companies that have given over a whopping nineteen billion dollars in their efforts to help the revivification and rebuilding of cities that have been destroyed by such instances as Hurricane Harvey. It is a rare and new ordeal that companies like Stream Energy are giving their time and finances to the travesties and illnesses of the community. This in trade does two things to benefit the company in a divergent manner which is the attainment of rapport and the padding that any company needs in case controversy causes potential mistrust in the company that would have been doomed had they not shown their efforts to rehabilitate entire cities previously. How Stream Energy works is that the sales associates seek to recruit and build business of their own in order to sell more energy and phone plans to the public. The bigger the business the more the people on the top get paid in the form of commissions. A portion of this money both from the company and from generous individuals goes into their arm of charity which then extends to the community in need. Stream Energy has not only given back to the community to relief disasters but to also provide the homeless with sustenance and shelter as well which spans largely across all of Texas. They have been working with a separate charity called Hope Supply co. and as a result homeless children are now receiving school supplies, food, diapers, and clothes thanks to Stream Energy. In conclusion they also helped during the disaster of the Texas Tornado incident by raising thousands of dollars to mitigate the pain caused by those tornados.