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Succeeding at Executive Management with Mike Nierenberg


You don’t get to Mr. Michael Nierenberg’s position through mediocrity. Over the years, he has created an admirable track record and continues to expand his legacy. Mike’s passion is primarily in the finance and investment world. He enjoys working with figures, especially when the outcome is a multiplication of effort. Presently, Mike Nierenberg is the managing director of Fortress Investment Group. Through Mike’s leadership, Fortress has grown and advanced in its services and products. The company has also expanded its client’s base and equity. At the same time, Mike is a central personality at New Residential Investment Corp. He is the president, CEO, and chairman of the board.

In the past, Mike Nierenberg has worked for major corporations and companies such as Global Mortgages, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America and Bear Stearn. In all these entities, he exhibited exceptional skills in his responsibilities, and left a significant mark everywhere he worked. Mike became both a good leader and employee because he endeavored to acquire skills and knowledge from his work.

Some of the roles he took up in his positions were managing securitized products, sales, calculating mortgage rate, working in the foreign exchange department and determining interest rates as well. All these exposures gave him an evident know-how of various aspects of finance. This experience made him an excellent executive manager. That is how Mike has risen the corporate ladder.

His responsibility as a leader in prominent organizations is making crucial decisions. Before deciding on anything, he weighs all determining factors and the overall outcome. Mike is also a brilliant problem solver. He formulates practical strategies to address the current issues. Despite his busy schedule and many responsibilities, Mike Nierenberg does not lack time for community service.

Michael is at the board of a cancer research foundation. This illness is the leading cause of deaths in the world. Mike and other concerned people are working tirelessly to ensure research institutes continue with promising leads to get comprehensive treatment. While Mike does his duties, he ensures that a few individuals are learning from him and will continue his legacy after his work is done in the corporate world.

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