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Success and Hard Work Go Together for Russell Gimelstob


Achieving a degree of excellence in one area of life proves elusive to many. Russell Gimelstob proved that you could succeed in many endeavors. In sports, academics, and his professional career, Gimelstob can’t seem to stop achieving greatness. Currently, he holds an executive position with Dune Real Estate Partners. His exact status is “Head of Acquisitions, Partner, Managing Director and Member of the Investment Committee.” The lofty title is a far cry from the “Associate” one he held 14 years ago when first joining the firm.

Gimelstob arrived at Dune after spending some time at Goldman Sachs. The prestigious New York firm is one an untold number of people with finance and business degrees wish to join. Gimelstob honed his knowledge, skills, and abilities in real estate here and then moved to Dune.

If working at Dune and Goldman Sachs represented the entirety of Gimelstob’s accomplishments, his life story would be impressive. Long before venturing into the professional world of investing and real estate, he was a standout tennis player in school.

Russell Gimelstob took up tennis after his mother told him to expand his horizons. Even though he was very young, Russell understood the value of the advice. He put his proverbial heart and soul into tennis and saw great results. His skill level increased exceptionally in a short period.

Gimelstob entered the Newark Academy during his high school years. To no one’s surprise, he joined the tennis team. To everyone’s surprise, the became the team captain while only a sophomore. He was the first second-year student in the school’s history to become captain.

Tennis accolades continued onto the college level when he joined the team at Cornell University. Gimelstob received Academic All-American and Academic All-Ivy Awards each year of his tenure at the school.

Russell Gimelstob proves there are no limits to success when you work hard enough.