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Talkspace: The Powerful Messaging App Developed to Help People with Mental Issues


Mental health is a big issue in the United States, and many people are hesitant to visit a professional therapist because of the societal stigma that they might experience. However, Oren Frank changed everything with the introduction of Talkspace – a powerful app that runs on desktop computers and mobile devices that allows communication between a user and a professional therapist. The app was launched in 2012, and it has become popular ever since, being featured on television, radio, and print. The number of Talkspace users has also ballooned through the years, and in its latest estimate back in 2016, the company reported more than 300,000 active users who are constantly using the app.

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The people who are using the app are pointing out that it is very affordable compared to real life sessions with therapists that have to be set up. With Talkspace, users can pay for a monthly fee, and they will be given unlimited access to their preferred therapist. When the user logs into the system, they will be automatically connected to their preferred therapist, and they can talk about whatever the user wanted. Oren Frank also highlighted that the platform is now capable of displaying photos and videos because it can also be an effective way of communicating with others.

The success of Talkspace has become a discussion among those who have tried it and those who wanted to give it a shot. There are also a lot of reviews online about the application, and most users have praised the system for choosing the best therapists for every mental problem there is. Talkspace managed to build the public’s confidence towards those who are practicing as a therapist, and the professionals are also happy using the app because they can now perform their profession even without leaving their offices, and they are also given a chance to interact with so many people. Learn more: http://chronicleweek.com/2019/04/sifting-through-talkspace-reviews-which-therapy-app-should-you-choose/