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The billion-dollar JetSmarter App by Sergey Petrossov


At 21 years old and on his first trip in a private jet, Sergey Petrossov did not anticipate this to become a regular occurrence in his future. Several years later Sergey developed JetSmarter app that is commonly referred to as the Uber of the skies. JetSmarter is backed by celebrities including Jay-Z and is used for private jet bookings. During his first trip, Sergey Petrossov did not dream that JetSmarter would become such a vast business empire.

Sergey, a then fresh graduate from Florida, was setting out on his entrepreneurial journey on a company to provide services for schools in Russia and the JetSmarter idea was born through a chance meeting with the private jet’s owner.

Petrossov’s JetSmarter idea

During his ride in the private jet, Petrossov said the analog management systems used in the industry surprised him and lacked the digital touch that is like second nature to him and his extensive background in IT. He immediately saw an opportunity. This happened in 2009, and since then he started to develop a keen interest in the private aviation industry. He began to go on private aviation trade shows and advising key players.

Later Sergey Petrossov decided that he would build a digital tool system for easy location and booking of private jets. In 2012, with other related apps in private transportation gaining in the industry, Sergey Petrossov was still in awe that private jet bookings still used such an archaic booking system that was less convenient, and thus hindering demand and supply logistics.

Funding JetSmarter

Even though this endeavor would be an asset-less idea, Sergey Petrossov together with the new Chief Technology Officer he had hired knew that the startup would be expensive seeing to the exquisite taste in his client base. They, therefore, decided to first launch it in 2013 as a digital data platform which was less expensive and then move forward to look for funding. Sergey Petrossov and his partner soon found investors, some of them as high profile as Saudi Arabian royalty. JetSmarter is now available at an affordable cost to both existing flyers and new users.

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