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The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, Together Making Music


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart formed the Chainsmokers in 2012 after being introduced by mutual friend Adam Alpert, who also manages the two as a band. They hit it off quickly and the Chainsmokers began practicing their style like a full-time job. They debuted live in 2014 and have released a steady stream of new music ever since.

Though they have had success with EPs and LPs, the Chainsmokers often release free singles for the public though their website. They put out tracks that run the gamut from standard dance/electronic music to hybrid tunes taking elements from many genres that Pall and Taggart enjoy. These singles get a lot of radio and club play, meaning that the Chainsmokers have a high demand for their live shows around the country. They perform regularly, often using elements of more traditional bands in their shows.

The shows they love playing the most aren’t the big or little ones, it’s the energetic ones. They like it when the crowd is there to have a good time, and whether the show has 200 or 20,000 in attendance, they have fun with it if the crowd does.

Their latest single, “Side Effects”, features a collaboration with Emily Warren, who has worked with Pall and Taggart in the past. “Side Effects” is a high-tempo, upbeat sounding tune about loneliness leading to bad choices in love. Many of the Chainsmokers’ recent songs have been of a more melancholy nature, but with “Side Effects” they are happy to have a “summer banger” to help them switch gears from the more subdued songs they wrote during winter. The duo prefer to write about things they are going through at the time, and for the past winter the duo have been having some dark times. But with “Side Effects” they’ve gotten back into the summer season and feelings.

For their live shows, the Chainsmokers bring their collaborators on stage as often as they can. Emily Warren played in Atlanta, GA with the duo, debuting “Side Effects” for a live audience. Taggart steps up to the mike for some singing.