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The Flavorful Sensation of eos Lip Balms


Lip balms tend to come a dime a dozen, and it has been this way for quite sometime. On the other hand, all lip balm brands are not created the same. This is where eos comes into the frame, and this particular brand is trailblazing a new path in skin care products.

One of eos’ top lip balms come in the flavor of sweet mint. Of course, the eos Sweet Mint lip balm is organically approved by the USDA. This particular product is lightly scented as well as lightly flavored. The natural choice for beautiful lips is the product’s motto, and many high-profile celebrities has been spotted using this popular lip balm in public.

Some of the reviewers of this lip balm have stated great things. Reviewer B stated that “I tend to use lip balms more so in the winter, and eos lip balms are my go-to choice.” Another reviewer said that “Evolution of Smooth is the only brand for me at this point in time. I don’t have to apply the product all day, and the sweet mint flavor isn’t too overpowering.”

eos lip balms are definitely reshaping the skin care environment. Only great things are ahead for this 21st century brand.