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The Investment Portfolio of Isabel dos Santos


As an investor, Isabel dos Santos has showcased the value of being focused and determined. She has also showcased the value of education. Since she is a woman, she has been facing different challenges, but she has succeeded as a result of her resilience. She has also managed to engage with people from different cultures, and that is why she is in a better position to offer some insight into the global economy.

Her problem-solving skills improved as a result of studying electrical engineering. Her knowledge in the engineering sector also came in handy since she was able to maneuver the technology industry successfully. On the onset of her career, she began working as a project manager at the Urbana 2000. The company was a subsidiary of Jembas Group. She went ahead to diversify her investment portfolio. Isabel dos Santos was able to form numerous companies in varying industries. She was mainly investing in Angola. Her business prowess came in handy, and all the business endeavors were able to flourish.

The main reason why she has been able to succeed is as a result of the business decisions that she has been making. Her main focus has also been on stimulating the growth of the Angolan economy. She has also made a significant investment in Portugal. Some of the firms where she is a shareholder in Portugal include Condis. The company has been focusing on developing retail stores that are present in Angola. The firm was also able to launch its first supermarket in 2013. Isabel is also one of the largest shareholders at Nova Cimangola, one of the largest companies that deal with the manufacture of cement in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos has managed to invest in the Angolan diamond industry. Recently, she was also able to invest in the finance industry. She acquired a shareholding capacity at the BFS (Banco Fomento de Angola) Bank. The transaction was also approved by the BNA (National Bank of Angola). Since the bank was later acquired by the CiaxaBank, Isabel dos Santos saw it fit to sell her shareholding capacity at the financial institution. She has also gained some popularity as a result of her strong advocacy for the empowerment of the women rights.

About Isabel dos Santos: www.isabeldossantos.com/