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The Life Of Sheldon Lavin


Sheldon Lavin is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin was new to the meat industry when he first joined the OSI Group. He has been with the company in upwards of forty years and has helped the company grow to the global food giant that it is to this day. Prior to joining the OSI Group he was an executive in the investment banking industry and he also owned his own investment consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin helped to take the company from being McDonald’s main patty supplier to supplying other big chains such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and even Burger King with the impossible patties. Mr. Lavin has created a great company culture at every single location globally. Mr. Lavin is also proud that the company currently employs 20,000 individuals on a global scale and they all function on one accord. Read more on Wikipedia.

Sheldon Lavin values every single employee and he is aware that a strong workforce is what makes a strong company. Mr. Lavin and the OSI Group promote family within the company. So every employee who is employed by the company feels like family. Because the environment is so positive and the way the company values their employees is the reason why the OSI Group experiences very low turnover. Anyone who works for the company loves the culture and are usually employed for the long haul. Mr. Lavin had already had a positive relationship with OSI Industries before he was appointed chairman and the chief executive officer. His history with the company goes back to the 1970s when the company was just a corner meat market in Chicago called Otto & Sons.

Mr. Lavin was actually the banker that helped Otto & Sons in securing the financing that they needed to build a manufacturing plant. So they could become the Midwest supplier of meat patties to McDonald’s Corporation. Once this occurred Mr. Lavin did become a business consultant to the Otto family and assisted them in anyway to help their company grow. Forty plus years later Otto & Sons are now the OSI Group and the leading food supplier in the world with Mr. Lavin leading the charge. Source: https://patch.com/illinois/chicago/sustainability-vision-sheldon-lavin-ceo-osi-group