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The Magfast Charger Family Is a Hit Already


The MAGFAST CHARGER crowdfunding campaign was probably the fastest-rising fund campaign we’ve seen in decades. Why? Because people were tired of messy cell phone charging wires that would break after a short time of using them. Seymour Segnit and the company came up with a solution to just about all of the world’s charging issues. His company created the MAGFAST FAMILY. This family is an assortment of magnet-based chargers with no wires and virtually no hassle. Customers can place orders for individual components now, or they can buy kits with the entire family of chargers for a little under $300.

The MAGFAST chargers have a LEGO feel to them the way they work. Each charger can charge devices on its own. However, clients can also link two or more of them together to build the ultimate charging situation. The way that these chargers look at the outlets is so much cleaner and neater than the usual situation is. Consumers were excited to back the original project because they were plum tired of seeing multiple wires from mutliple chargers. Company CEO, Seymour Segnet, said that he created this system for a variety of reasons. One reason was to convenience customers. The other reason was to save the environment. The fewer cords we have to throw away, the less trouble the environment will see.

So far, consumers have at least six choices of charging systems from which they may choose. Apple Watch owners will love the TimeCharger, which is a power bank that has an Apple Watch platform in addition to the other family of features. Other chargers include the WallCharger, AirCharger, RoadCharger, LifeCharger and LifeCharger Extreme. The LifeCharger fits in the palm of your hand and is capable of charging any smartphone. The LifeCharger Extreme is rumored to have enough power to jumpstart a car. Interested parties can place their orders now.