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The Multi-Industrial Investor Globally: Paul Mampilly


Paul Mampilly is one of the most focused investors who have investment abilities which can be matched to none. The great Paul Mamphily has established in the investment and fiancé industry through providing the best investment advice through the renowned Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. Because of his knowledge in investment and business, he has been featured in various TV stations including Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

Paul Mampilly began his amazing career at the Banker Trust, located along the Wall Street where he worked as a portfolio assistant manager. Later, the great investor worked with the ING and Deutsche Banks a company he played a significant role on the big accounts. He later moved to Kinetic Asset Management where he used his experience and abilities in managing hedge funds. Before he joined Kinetic Asset management that company was $6 billion worth but he grew the assets to a worth of over $25 billion. This made him win the global best hedge fund award by the Barron’s.

His Thoughts on His Recent Post

Paul Mampilly has an unbeatable investment track record. In 2012 Paul invested in the famous Sarepta Therapeutics. Later, he sold his share marking a profit of 2,539%. Previously, Paul had invested in Netflix. This was the time when television shows were diverting into online streaming. However, he also sold his shares at a profit of 634%. Paul Mampilly also has great insights into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency era. He recently shared his take on the Bitcoin bubble on @mampillyguru stating that the biotin bubble is almost bursting.

Paul advised investors to avoid putting all their money in Bitcoin business. This is because he believed that the industry is about to crush even though he does not know when that will happen. He also shared his thoughts regarding megatrends in 2018. He mentioned the Blockchain as one of the mega-investments the world is witnessing this year. The Blockchain is an online ledger that can be used by anyone without any charges. Most people are now taking the Blockchain to their advantage in an attempt to curb any online fraud. Such advice from this incredible investor has helped most business people on the field to invest and the field to stay away from.

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