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The New Owners Of Gump’s Are Set To Re-Open In San Francisco And Launch A New Location In New York City



Thousands of loyal customers are looking forward to the reopening of the renowned Gump’s store in San Francisco, CA. Gumps is a historic retailer, and was recently purchased by a New York family with a longstanding relationship with the brand. They have announced that they have some exciting plans in store for shoppers who have grown to love the legendary business as they have.

The luxury retail store has been a tradition in San Francisco for over 150 years. Solomon Gump and Gustave Gump founded the business in 1861. The two brothers were innovative entrepreneurs, and the business grew to become one of the leading high-end retailers in the country. The Gump brothers and their descendants have operated the store until the changes in ownership. See This Page for additional information.

The creation of Gump’s dates back to the days of the infamous gold rush that took place in California. The Gump siblings identified an opportunity, and they started to sell art in response to the changing times following the historic event. One artifact in particular that has always interested the buyer is a statue of a Buddha.

John Chachas, the patriarch of the family of new owners, has visited the store since his childhood. He was always intrigued by the Buddha, and he is pleased that it was an included item in the terms of the sale. John, his wife and three adult children are now the owners of Gump’s, and they will operate the store as a family business as well.

The Gump family is happy that the business will continue under the private ownership of another family. The Gump’s store will open soon in San Francisco, and a second location is planned in New York City, New York. The Chachas family will also operate Gump’s as an online retailer to accommodate their customers in the U.S. and abroad.


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