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The Two Sides of Jeremy Goldstein’s Career


We live in a world that is fractured more openly than ever before. The spread of technology around the world has been pivotal in bringing humanity to the next stage. It has given rise to a new whole dimension of economic potential and activity. However, this sudden push has deepened the gap with those less lucky. New York City boasts its high level innovation, but while maintaining high levels of crime. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in the region who works hard to keep businesses acting in a proper manner. While The Foundation House works to raise the quality of living from the bottom up. These two have equal influence in shaping the future of the city, and thus both parties work together for the benefit of everyone.


Jeremy Goldstein runs his personal law firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC out of New York City. He became interested at a young age to help those in need find the resources to advance to the next stage in life. In a business sense this means having a knowledge lawyer who can advocate for the growth of their client. He hit a lucky break just past the turn of the century as the market underwent a period of transformation. Businesses were now seeking independent law firms who could aid in the appearance of fair practices. This put Jeremy Goldstein into direct contact with some of the most prominent figures of the current generation. As someone with a charitable mind at his core, he likes to use his status to give resources to those tho need them more. The article discusses a recent dinner event he held in honor of The Foundation House.


By the time the event ended, Attorney Jeremy Goldstein had raised a lot of money that would be put towards furthering the goals of this organization. The Foundation House was created in 1944 with the intent on helping individuals with mental illness find their way back into society. The goals have morphed and changed with scope over the years. They believe that educating the public about the kinds of illness, their warning signs, and treatment options are all essential in washing away they stigma that comes with having a mental illness. The organization also works around the clock to bring new people into their network, and put them in touch with the professionals. The Foundation House has established branches in all corners of the country.


Jeremy Goldstein never wastes a minute of his life. He spends part of the day working with companies to ensure transactions are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. While on his spare time, he can be found helping those at the bottom.


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