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Todd Lubar of TDL Ventures Provides Monetary Assistance to Aid in Housing


It is undisputed that the real estate industry is a profitable business that can generate massive revenues for investors through a commercial or residential property. It is also true to state that with the wrong approach towards the real estate business, an investor might lose a huge client base. Todd Lubar is an admirable real estate investor whose primary objective in the industry is assisting families as well as investors in acquiring maximum benefits throughout the business. Todd’s career in real estate began in 1995. He worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was a loan originator. As a visionary entrepreneur, Todd developed an excellent working rapport with various clients as well as employees in the corporation. He also invested his time in learning the different models of real estate business.


While at Morgan Corporation, Todd grasped the invaluable skills of finance in real estate. He ventured into career advancement through extensive relationships with various employees like real estate agents, CPA’s, funding and insurance agents as well as financial managers. The connection he made with the people is now a referral client base where most of his clients generate from. In 1994, Todd Lubar advanced his career by acquiring a new position in Legacy Financial Group. The new position enabled him to expand his lending opportunities as a loan broker for real estate. He used Legacy Financial Group to further build client relationships by providing services that instilled comfort and confidence in clients.


In 2002, Todd advanced his career in the real estate industry by founding Legendary Properties LLC. At Legendary Properties, Todd focused on the renovation, rehabilitation, buying, selling of property. The company held over 200 transactions ranging from low income earning families to commercial property. Through his efforts to cater for all types of clients in the society, Todd was building customer trust. He would later use the trust that he created in the earlier years of his career in developing well-established businesses in the real estate venture.

Todd’s profile

In a report by Hackronym, after soaring through Legendary Properties, Todd’s new success story was created. TDL Ventures is committed to assisting people in need. Todd is an alumnus of Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. He attained his B.A in speech communication from the Syracuse University. You can visit his website toddlubar.com

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