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Tony Petrello’s acts of philanthropy


Tony Petrello is one of the philanthropists in the United States who is making every effort to make an impact in the society. He has been using his wealth to support initiatives that are intended to help the society deal with some issues that remain unresolved. His philanthropic work has majorly been targeted at helping the needy in the society. Philanthropists all over the country have been engaging in the noble role of supporting initiatives that touch on environment, medication, and education. Tony Petrello falls under the category of these philanthropists who support initiatives that touch on the well-being of the community. He is involved in education as well as medical initiatives.

In the medical initiatives, he has been supporting the Texas children hospital as they set up a new center that shall deal with neurological diseases in children. This is one of the best initiatives all over the world. No other hospital has such a center. This center is mandated to come up with methods of treating neurological diseases in children. As a parent who has a child who suffers from the neurological disorder, Tony Petrello is committed to seeing the research center succeed in coming up with a treatment method that works. To support this initiative, Tony Petrello has committed over $7 million to the projects.

He has vowed to continue supporting the project up until it has succeeded in its mission of coming up with a treatment method that will work for her daughter called Carena. He sees this as the only gift that he could give his daughter who has suffered all her life. Tony Petrello has gone through so much with his daughter that he is no longer afraid to give her whatever will be needed as long as it will give her the medical attention that he needs. This is going to be the biggest achievement in his life. He has all the money right now, but none of it can buy her the peace of mind. He has vowed to use whatever it takes to find a treatment for his daughter. Tony Petrello has also been engaging in educational initiatives. As a beneficiary of acts of philanthropy when he was awarded a scholarship by the Yale University to study a degree in mathematics at the institution. Tony Petrello has gone back to the same institution and is now supporting best mathematicians from the university in remembrance of his mentor at the institution, Tony Petrello.