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USHEALTH Group; Why They are America’s Trusted Insurance Plan


USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a combination of several companies that are devoted to providing reliable insurance plans. Through their affiliate companies, USHEALTH Group has maintained a high profile across the U.S, particularly for its ability to customize their services to fit individual needs of their diverse clients. Mainly, they serve entrepreneurs, people running small-scale enterprises, their employees, families, and even the disabled.

Americans take pride in this company that has consistently served their markets for over fifty solid years. Through their subsidiary enterprises, so far they have served a market of fifteen million clients. Amazingly, every of their customer’s gets fully personalized services so as to ensure top quality and relevance of duty.

Reasons for the Company’s Consistent Growth Over Decades

Counting more than five decades yet the company keeps enlarging implies there is a lot that happens within. It is quite essential to highlight the firms’ mission, which defines every staff’s conduct. The company clearly states its mission as “Helping Other People Every day.” They abbreviate it as HOPE, qualities that are lived every day by employees within the organization. The mission statement has enabled them to impact the lives of other people positively, hence continued growth.

USHEALTH’ Top Administration Executes Philanthropy

The success of every enterprise heavily relies on their leadership. Currently, Troy McQuagge serves as the president and CEO of USHEALTH. He is an influential figure and emphasizes on living HOPE, the company’s clever acronym. When the hurricane, Katrina hardly hit some area within the city, he and other firms’ leadership joined hands with the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) and helped the affected people rebuild their homes.

Besides, in 2012 the company donated more than $25000 to an Arizona-based non-profit making organization taking care of kids with cancer. Mr. Troy confidently says that every enterprise has a “soul.” Their company’s “soul” finds joy in living HOPE.


There is no better plan you can choose to secure your business or family. You can rest assured that USHEALTH is out to deliver the best service, not only to their customers but also to the destitute in the society. As individuals and as a company, they are committed to offering the very best.

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