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Vijay Eswaran Pushes Forward Into The 21st Century With Many New Ideas To Help Grow The QI Group Of Companies


Vijay Eswaran has been serving in many different industries for years as he continues to grow the QI Group of Companies. He founded QI Group in 1998 and now serves as its executive chairman. The conglomerate focuses on many different business sectors including hospitality, education, selling directly to customers, and a lot more. Eswaran believes that entrepreneurs should always be inquisitive and that they should use their intuition whenever possible.

Vijay Eswaran is a man who is motivated by the business connections he makes. He loves interacting with his customers and enjoys listening to the stories they have to tell about how his companies have helped them in their lives. This usually makes him feel like he wants to do more for these people so he can change even more lives. When Eswaran first began building his business, he faced many difficulties. No one really believed in him, but he felt like he wasn’t meant to waste his life away simply earning money for others. Instead of running away from challenges, he has decided to face them head-on, and this has made all of the difference in his life.

Vijay Eswaran has had to work extra hard because the media has not always been kind to his company. He feels that his company is very misunderstood and hopes to be able to continue to clear the air about it. Eswaran believes that successful people will always face challenges, and he has learned how to embrace this simple truth. One way that he combats challenges is by building successful teams that are full of employees who place service before themselves. While his company does business on an international level, he works hard to keep it operating like a smaller company. He has never forgotten where his company has come from, and this has kept him humble and always working hard.

Vijay Eswaran is now looking to the future and getting ready for the creation of a QI City. He has been so successful with his business that he believes it is time to grow it out even more. He would like QI city to have medical program, shopping center, hospital for learning, and a campus. He figures it will take some time to build but is very excited about his idea. Eswaran has always led with optimism and believes that the people who work for a company are what make it succeed. He has taken this belief and used it to find like-minded individuals whom he can trust and work with.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia, but he has traveled to many different parts of the globe. He drove taxis for a living during the start of his career so he could pay for his college education. After finishing up his studies, he worked with IBM where he learned about online marketing. Eswaran earned a degree in socio-economics while attending the London School of Economics. He also studied at Southern Illinois University where he received his MBA. He continues to focus on offering quality products to people from all over the world.