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Wes Edens: Business Leader With A Global Gaze


Wes Edens has been on the top of his game for the past several years, with the investment strategist either co-founding or leading many companies since he began his career in investment. However, it was in 1998 that Mr. Edens’ career began to soar; he co-founded Fortress Investment Group which quickly became successful. While the business began with businesses that were headquartered close to New York City, it turned its gaze worldwide shortly after that.

With Fortress Investment Groups rise, Wes Edens became known as one of the most creative and market-savvy investors on the planet. Over the past twenty years, Fortress Investment Group has grown to a worldwide presence; many reports suggest that the company currently manages $42 billion in assets across the globe. With this growth, Wes Edens was able to capitalize on major changes in global focused industries; over the years, these have included the likes of energy and infrastructure, financial services and the media. Read more on Wikiquote

One of the more notable investments that Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group had was he former Brightline passenger rail, now known as Virgin Trains USA due to a partnership with Virgin. When first announced and built, it was the first privately funded and operated inter-city passenger rail system in the United States for over a century. However, that’s not the only area in which Wes Edens has shined; he also heads New Fortress Energy which focuses on cleaner reliable energy. The company also focuses on creating a positive economic impact worldwide.

With New Fortress Energy, Mr. Edens was able to offset some of the environmental impact of another Fortress Investment Group asset; Florida East Coast Rail. Wes Edens and New Fortress Energy were able to do this by developing Florida’s first liquid natural gas (LNG) production facility in Miami. This experience also showed Mr. Edens and many other executives that this could be done on a much larger basis. Not long after this project was finished, the company started the same thing in Jamaica, so they provided funds to deliver the country’s first LNG. Since then the company has continued to expand internationally.

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