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What You Need To Know When Hiring An Event Planner


There are many event planning companies in NYC and selecting the proper one makes all the difference with a so-so event or one your guests will remember!


  1. What’s your event objective?

For what purpose is your event, why are you holding it?

  1. Do you need to hire an event planner?

Is the event going to take care of everything or will you assume the responsibility for some of the important elements?

  1. Prepare a budget

Making a budget helps you plan the event you envision. An event planner can stage the event probably better, based on their experience.

  1. Find a bona fide event planner

Don’t trust a friend or family member’s suggestion for an event planner. Look for a planner with plenty of experience.

  1. Has the event planner done this type of event before?

Not all events are the same. One event planner does not fit all events.

  1. Ask Hotels and Chamber of Commerce’s for referrals

Ask these resources who they trust or someone.

  1. Sit down and interview two or more event planners

Discuss your event with a few event planners, and get a feel for their personality.

  1. Be open with your event vision

So that you each understand each other, be open and upfront as to your needs.

  1. Meet them in person

This helps in choosing “the one.” Phones are convenient, in person builds a rapport.

  1. Do your homework

Your event is a reflection of your effort. Support that reputation by calling event planner references.



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