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Zoom Your Capabilities with Swiss Startup Factory by Mike Baur


Mike Baur is one of the young, and industry shakers recognized globally for his charisma and wisdom. The Swiss Startup Factory is a joint venture together with two other partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister from 2014. This realization was fueled after observing a deprived need among the startup investors who had little to no information on how to go about the industry. In addition to the Swiss Startup Factory, the Swiss Startup Accelerator program was launched.


During a recent interview with Ideamensch, Mike Baur revealed what it is like to own and run a company like Swiss Startup. Unlike conventional bosses who would sit on the computer and order thing around, Mike Baur get down to work by himself; his caliber in the company is no deterrent. A normal day for him begins by responding to emails then by sunshine he is up meeting clients. His greatest asset being his customers, he creates ample time to meet them up physically since it’s even more productive.


Ordinarily, industry players develop a product then look out for the customer. Mike Baur is opposed to this approach. Instead, he advises on the canvas approach which he in particular uses. Develop a few pieces of your product (prototype) then take it to the market to test. This helps you know what the market needs, so you generate a product as per the needs and what the market is not in need of. The industry should dictate the product and not the product dictating the industry, especially in a non-monopolistic environment. This is what has helped Mike Baur grow.


Mike Baur advises young entrepreneurs to start early. He began at 39 with Swiss Startup Factory something he is regretful about. He wishes he began much earlier though the success brings much satisfaction altogether.


About Mike Baur

He is a Swiss investor, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. Mike is the owner of Think Reloaded Company; it provides advisory services in asset management for the wealthy class. His insight and contribution to the economy have made him be featured on Wall Street Journal for knowledge in banking, entrepreneurship and startup investments. In 2014, he co-founded the privately held company, Swiss Startup Factory based in Zurich Switzerland.


Mike Baur is an MBA holder from Rochester University and the University of Berne. He has approximately 20 years experience working with Swiss Private Banking and is an executive member in one of the Bank’s boards of directors. Mike Baur is married and has two kids.