Succeeding at Executive Management with Mike Nierenberg


You don’t get to Mr. Michael Nierenberg’s position through mediocrity. Over the years, he has created an admirable track record and continues to expand his legacy. Mike’s passion is primarily in the finance and investment world. He enjoys working with figures, especially when the outcome is a multiplication of effort. Presently, Mike Nierenberg is the managing director of Fortress Investment Group. Through Mike’s leadership, Fortress has grown and advanced in its services and products. The company has also expanded its client’s base and equity. At the same time, Mike is a central personality at New Residential Investment Corp. He is the president, CEO, and chairman of the board.

In the past, Mike Nierenberg has worked for major corporations and companies such as Global Mortgages, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America and Bear Stearn. In all these entities, he exhibited exceptional skills in his responsibilities, and left a significant mark everywhere he worked. Mike became both a good leader and employee because he endeavored to acquire skills and knowledge from his work.

Some of the roles he took up in his positions were managing securitized products, sales, calculating mortgage rate, working in the foreign exchange department and determining interest rates as well. All these exposures gave him an evident know-how of various aspects of finance. This experience made him an excellent executive manager. That is how Mike has risen the corporate ladder.

His responsibility as a leader in prominent organizations is making crucial decisions. Before deciding on anything, he weighs all determining factors and the overall outcome. Mike is also a brilliant problem solver. He formulates practical strategies to address the current issues. Despite his busy schedule and many responsibilities, Mike Nierenberg does not lack time for community service.

Michael is at the board of a cancer research foundation. This illness is the leading cause of deaths in the world. Mike and other concerned people are working tirelessly to ensure research institutes continue with promising leads to get comprehensive treatment. While Mike does his duties, he ensures that a few individuals are learning from him and will continue his legacy after his work is done in the corporate world.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Name to Know for Austin and NYC Plastic Surgery


Dr. Jennifer Walden is the acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas who will be featured on this year’s beauty panel of America’s favorite music festival: South by Southwest (SXSW). She owns and operates Medspas in Austin and New York City, and is quite successful at making people’s dreams come true. With a full five-star rating on Google, Dr. Walden specializes in treatments such as breast augmentation, skin tightening, fat reduction, vein reduction, sunspot reduction, buttocks lifts, vaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction difficulties, rhinoplasties, and more.

She works closely with Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Nicole Phillips, and has been seen in such publications and news outlets as KVUE ABC News Austin, The New York Post, NYC’s 1039NY radio station, MD Monthly, Texas Monthly, and was featured as one of Austin’s Top 10 Doctors in Austin Monthly. With such influences as Coco Chanel (“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”) and Henry Ford (“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”), Dr. Walden loves making a lasting difference in people’s lives.

She has spoken on the panel at the Baker Gordon Symposium about minimally invasive procedures for people who aren’t quite ready for facelifts, and has graced the cover of MD Monthly regarding her brand new expansion into New York City. Treatment costs range for as little as just $25 for vitamin booster shots, to $200 and beyond for more involved services. Some of her botox clients have even driven three hours round trip in order to receive the best care and trust as they possibly could!




For his undergraduate studies, Dr. Dov Rand attended Rutgers University before proceeding to Howard University for his medical degree. He then interned at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and was a resident at the Albert Einstein Medical Center where he completed his residency. Despite these accolades, Dr. Dov Rand still engages in reading literature and scientific studies.



Dr. Dov Rand who is also the founder of Healthy Aging Medical centers specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation in which he ensures that patients attain the highest levels of health regardless of age and throughout life.


Dr. Dov Rand recommendation on careers

According to Dr. Rand, a successful career requires continuous education which does not necessarily mean a classroom or school set up. This includes all the informative articles, internet journals, and books one can lay his hands on. Also, since people have different abilities, capacities and experiences he suggests that it is vital for one to utilize their peers when in search of education. Through his participation in studies, conference, and researches, he suggests that his fellow doctors should be committed to expanding their knowledge base regularly.


Dr. Dov Rand on the Idea of Healthy Aging Medical Center

The idea of Healthy Aging Medical Center is attributed to the doctor’s fascination with health and nutrition. The institution, therefore, offers patients a range of options under one building instead of consultations with different institutions due to its well-rounded experts which in returns reduces costs and frustrations.


Difference between Health Aging Medical Centers and Traditional Medical Practice

The Health Aging Medical Centers led by Dr. Rand apply a holistic and patient-focused approach when dealing with patients as opposed to other mainstream institutions. The innovation applied at the facilities as well provides a unique treatment model. The institutions as well base their focus in examining the patients’ medical histories, and treatment is offered based on the unique medical histories of each patient. The center as well heavily invests in modern technologies and specialized treatment giving them room to perform complex and otherwise expensive procedures under one roof.

How Dr. Rand stands out from other doctors

Dr. Dov Rand provides holistic examination to his patients as opposed to the majority of the practitioners who dish out prescriptions based on the prevalence of treatment. This in return overshadows overarching problems which might later grow into even bigger problems, a good example being erectile dysfunction.

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Fortress Investment Group: Recent Business Updates for Success


Fortress Investment Group has served more than one type of financial client over the past five years. Certain financial institutions like Fortress Investment Group only serve one type of client. As a result of their multiple business models, Fortress Investment Group acquires certain international clients. International clients are individuals who initiate business with Fortress Investment Group. International clients can range in age. International clients typically exchange stock in the stock market. There are many branches of international finance. Each country has their own place in international finance.

Certain companies have a large stock interest. Depending upon their rate of exchange, certain clients may engage in the stock market more than others. The stock market can be interpreted in many different ways. There is more than one way to invest. Some international clients decide they will invest in electronics. Electronics are a unique industry for stock exchanges. Electronics are used every day across the globe for a variety of purposes. Companies use electronics to operate their companies. Individuals use electronic in order to complete their daily activities. Electronics in today’s market have the potential to make everyday living easier.

However, electronics can malfunction. When a device malfunctions, the user can do a few things to rectify the problem. Turning the device on and off is the most common route for fixing the problem. In many cases this technique solves the problem completely. However, in some cases further action is needed to solve the problem completely. A popular technique is to remove the battery completely. When the battery of the device is removed, the user can clean the cartage. In some cases the cartage has build-up that must be removed in order to properly resume function. When the battery has been cleaned and is reengaged, the device will most likely work properly. If these techniques do not work, there are a variety of other protocols that can be performed. These protocols are typically performed by professionals. Users can take their devices to the electronic store and ask them to repair it.

Dr. Saad Saad in the Middle East


Dr. Saad Saad is a highly experienced pediatric surgeon in the United States who retired recently. After serving for about 45 years in the United States and the Middle East, Dr. Saad has retired but with a great legacy. His contributions are clear to anyone who looks at his achievements in the past four decades.

He has transformed the medical industry significantly over the years by helping as many children as he could. At the end of his professional career, he had served thousands of children suffering from mild to severe medical conditions.

Early life

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine in the 1940s during the struggle for Israel’s independence. In his childhood, his family was ejected from their home and pushed into exile in Kuwait. Much of his early life was spent in Kuwait as a refugee.

While in Kuwait, Saad was encouraged by his father to take up education. He heeded the advice and worked hard through his primary and secondary education. He joined Cairo University in Egypt for his medical degree and graduated with honors and second in his class.

His good performance saw him earn an internship opportunity in England. After some time, another opportunity landed. He was to travel to the United States for medical practice.

In the United States, top on his priorities was the approval by the U.S medical board. He wanted to become a fully certified pediatric surgeon in the United States, an accomplishment he made a few years down the line. Although it was not an easy task, Saad was determined not to relent until he received the certification.

Saad in the Middle East

Dr. Saad Saad has the opportunity of landing a prestigious job opportunity in the Middle East. In the 1980s, he was hired by the Saudi Royal Family as a private pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad was picked for this job since he was a US medical board approved pediatric surgeon and was the only such surgeon who would speak fluently in English and Arabic.

For four and a half years, Dr. Saad Saad was in the Middle East serving members of the royal families from around the Middle East from King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

The opportunity to work for the royal family has been a gemstone in his career. After returning to the United States, his reputation and status as a pediatric surgeon were uplifted.

Dr. Saad Saad in the Middle East again

Since the early 2000s, Dr. Saad Saad has been concerned with the medical affairs concerning Palestine. Through a partnership with a non-profit organization known as PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund), Dr. Saad Saad has managed to offer free surgeries to hundreds of children from Palestine. Between 2003 and 2015, he has been to the region on eight medical missions.

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Deirdre Baggot Has Found Success By Staying Focused On One Thing


Deirdre Baggot worked as a nurse in 1998, and one of the things that she struggled with was making sure that her patients received the care that they needed. She often pushed herself too hard to make sure that she was doing enough for them, and that inspired her to create a checklist for nurses. And, in modern times, there is a care protocol instead of the checklist, and that helps nurses know that they are doing the right amount of testing for each of their patients.

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Deirdre Baggot has a lot of experience in various areas of the medical field, and because of the years that she has spent in it, and how focused she is on it alone, she knows what needs to be done for it. She works with bundled payments to make things easier on healthcare providers and patients. And, she says that she always does a lot of research when she is coming up with new ideas. She likes to talk with others about her ideas and write them out thoroughly so that she can make them turn out well.

Deirdre Baggot tries to prioritize her work, and she keeps deadlines for herself so that she always gets things done on time. She is much more relaxed in her career now than she was several years ago, though, and she believes that it is important to take the time to relax. But she still believes that it is important to work hard, and a piece of advice that she gives to those who want to become entrepreneurs is to work harder than anyone else. She says that it is important to be honest, to be focused on one area of work, and to keep a schedule. And she says that digital calendars are one of her favorite ways to use technology. Learn more:


How Rocket Education is Changing the Standard of Education


Rocketship Education provides high-quality education to families who may come from backgrounds with limited opportunities. The rocketship education curriculum encompasses grades k-5. Since its launch, rocketship charter schools have served as an alternative for exposing children from a low-income background to advanced subjects in science and math. Recently, however, rocketship charter schools have received criticism from both the public and school officials. Questions regarding the use of technology, intervention, and classroom management are a few that have made headlines. Some are concerned the structure of the schools may be placing too much pressure on kids. As a result of such speculation, school officials are working on improving prominent aspects of rocketship education.

One of the main issues faced by rocketship charter schools is the enforcement of militant discipline. Many who are against the disciplining styles of the schools claim that it does not foster a healthy environment for a child’s development. Parents state that the overly-strict form of discipline is killing a child’s creativity. From this, schools are trying to adhere to less rigid standards. The hope is to foster a learning environment that is more suitable for children.

In the past, rocketship education has been praised for its seamless integration of advanced technology in an elementary school classroom setting. Now, criticism regarding the over-use of technology has started to take higher precedence. Many have wondered how much technology is too much. Furthermore, how much restriction should be placed on the technology before it becomes impractical? See the criticism in this article.

Another prevailing issue is the lack of support rocketship education offers. These may be due to a lack of faculty members, a student’s hesitance to ask for help or other various factors. Given the accelerated pacing of the schools, it is common for children to fall behind without receiving help. School officials are making more efforts to fix this.

While Rocketship Education has areas to improve upon, many are in support it. Many largely attribute the education received from such schools to future success. Regardless of stance, the majority are in agreement that changes to rocketship education need to be made.

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Genucel Anti-aging Products Ingredients by Chamonix


Genucel company has been in the market for a long time manufacturing anti-aging products by Chamonix. They ensure that all their products are tested before being sold to the market to ensure there are no complaints and side effects from the user. Various factors contribute to the aging process and formation of wrinkles on the skin including, DNA damage, lose fiber, swelling caused by the accumulation of fluid which is known as edema, among others. Genucel by Chamonix have researched and found solutions to the anti-aging process present in various natural active ingredients. They ensure that components used to make all anti-aging products are natural with no side effects and also works effectively reducing wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes. They manufacture creams and oils to apply on the skin, and with some few weeks, the user attains the skin they desire hence boosting their confidence.

Some of the key ingredients used include; algal which acts as an inflammatory and antioxidant to protect the skin from effects caused by toxins build up and eradicate the damage of free radicals respectively. Marine collagen extracted from marine fish scales is used to make the anti-aging products since it’s of much benefit to the skin; it causes the skin to glow as well as strengthening skin fibers. PhytoCellTech is an extract from the malus domestica plant found Swiss apple; this plant cell speeds up the rejuvenation process of skin fiber hence reducing wrinkles. Glycation process occurs when sugar molecules attach itself to a particular protein without the facilitation of an enzyme, therefore, making skin fiber to loosen. To fight the glycation process eyeseryl ingredient is used to make anti-aging products to ensure that the glycation process does not occur.

Millions of people prefer and recommend Genucel and Chamonix anti-aging products since there is a variety to choose from including Genucel XV which works immediately. When applied on the skin the anti-aging products work within five minutes, and the results are evident since the facial wrinkles are eradicated giving the user a smooth and firm skin. Other varieties include the treatment for eyelids which tightens them as well as the plant cell therapy that strengthens and produces skin fibers. Genucel Jawline products are made by combining natural peptides and meadowfoam seed oil to smoothen and strengthen the skin around the neck, jaw, and chin with immediate effects. All products have been proven to be effective. To know more about Genucel visit LinkedIn.


Rebel Wilson ‘’isn’t it romantic’’ star


Rebel Wilson is an Australian born actress, producer, and writer. She became popular in Hollywood her for her humorous character in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect and previously in Bridesmaid.

Currently, Wilson is worked on an American romantic fantasy film called isn’t it romantic which was released on 13, Feb 2019. The film is directed by Todd Starausschulson and was written by Erin Cardilo.

In this project, Rebel was featured among other big names in Hollywood such as Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth. This is the second romantic comedy to be released in less than two weeks after the release of ‘’What Men Want.

Her role in this movie is an architect who is seen to be dormant and hates everything to do with romance. She believes that passion does not happen to real people. In the movie she is imposed to stop a runway cart using her body, then as she foils a mugger, her head smacks against a metal beam in that subway. When she wakes up, she found herself in a romantic comedy.

Her role in the movie brings out humor and lightens up the film. Rebel began her acting career back in Australia where she joined the Australian Theatre of Young People.

She was also studying for her bachelor’s degree at the University of New South Wales. She joined theatre with the thought of playing a serious role, she never considered herself as the funny type.

When she stepped on the stage, the audience laughed at every move she made. She found out that people thought her body size was ridiculous, Rebel Wilson took that as a compliment unlike many people, and that formed her base for a bright carer in the comedy business.

Growing up, nobody expected much from her, she was a shy girl, and hence no one thought that one day she could crush the world. However, she knew what she wanted, and that did not hold her back. In Australia, she had gained popularity after appearing in the sketch, pizza and the wedge which were Australian comedies. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Her career grew enormously, and in 2008 Rebel Wilson wrote, stared and director Bogan Pride which was a musical comedy.

This move saw her win the Trofest award as the best actress. Later she moved to the US where she has had tremendous success and won many awards for many different roles. She has won and been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Kids Choice Awards.

Mark Okada’s Contributions at Highland Capital Management


He is one of the pioneers at the asset investment firm. Its headquarters is based in Texas but also operates offices in other parts of the world including Singapore and Rio de Janeiro. A recent valuation report showed that Highland Capital Management controls assets with an estimated total value of about $15 billion. The success of its investment portfolios over the years can be attributed to his skills and commitment. Its portfolios are diversified and consist of hedge funds, mutual funds, among others. Read more about James Dondero at

Mark Okada is an authority in the credit industry as he has acquired vast experience and skills over the last three decades. He is a pioneer of some of some of the most popular investment vehicles in the country. Other than being on Highland Capital Management’s top management team, he also works as one of the board members at a Dallas-based financial institution known as NexBank. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics from a Los Angeles-based institution. Visit to know more about him.

He has captured the attention of various media outlets including CNBC and Bloomberg due to his work. The financial analyst has dedicated a significant amount of his time and resources towards charity work. Mark Okada has made donations towards improving the quality of education in the United States and also strengthening bilateral relations between Japan and the U.S. He is also part of the management at a non-profit organization called Education is Freedom.

Under the leadership of Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management has strived to make the country’s debt market easily accessible to more clients. It introduced a new product called the UCTIS Fund last year. According to the financial expert, this was just one of the funds that the organization has planned to develop in the future. The new product has several advantages that have attracted investors since it was launched.