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A Brief Bio of OSI President David McDonald


This article will recap information about the President of OSI Group, David McDonald. Dr. McDonald had graduated in 1987 from Iowa State University, it was there where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He was raised and born in northeast Iowa at a farm. He is a holder of the Wallace E. Brown Outstanding Senior Award. David McDonald had started up his job with OSI Industries in Chicago. OSI is a company of global food supply, mostly in meat products. This was after graduating and then he went up to being chief operating officer and president as well. Finally, this company for example, is famous for supplying high-protein items like beef patties and sausage links as well.

McDonald’s main goal is to use the resources he has left to make changes to Iowa State. Due to this change he has been very active in Agricultural Initiatives There are different methods he goes through to accomplish this. One of them is by overseeing the customizability of the Global Sustainability report from 2016/2017. It also helps him by viewing the priority sectors. These are the regions of a reliable supply chain, environment, and responsibility as well. Milestones are a factor as well. This pushes the CEO in the matter of his belief that the organization has a mandate that in a manner that is sustainable carry’s out operations.

A big goal of McDonald is to make OSI seen more in Europe. With this thought in mind McDonald decided to steer the purchase of Baho food. This company has five satellite companies located in the Netherlands and Germany. This company is Dutch manufacture of both deli snacks and meat. They are in service to both the retail and food service sections. In his mind that combination of OSI and Baho, would be a good method of meeting needs of customers. The five satellite companies mentioned earlier have served consumers in countries amounting to eighteen. Finally, more recently OSI Group in China just celebrated twenty years, on September 12, 2012. OSI has grown in the economy of China for twenty years. OSI recently grew with the economy of China for twenty years. One great thing it has done was supply 113 tons of foods like chicken and beef at the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008.

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