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Alexis Kennedy: From Fallen London to Cultist Simulator


If you’re from the UK, you’ve probably heard of Failbetter Games. Alexis Kennedy founded this game company and is best known for his game Fallen London. As a video game artist, businessman, and video game developer, he’s well-known for his intense gothic games. Feeling tired of such specific inquiries, Alexis Kennedy decided to leave Failbetter Games and take on a more broad scope known as Weather Factory, a micro-studio with tons of different types of games. He was onto something bigger when he made this transition in 2016.

Kennedy’s most famous enterprise known as Fallen London used to be called Echo Bazaar. This game is famous for it’s realistic yet dark perception of London. In 2009, it was easily played on a browser set-up, and as of 2018, the game and website progressed even more with more intense graphics across different types of devices. In doing this, it helped bring in more users that didn’t play browser-based games.

Weather factory includes games such as Cultist Simulator and Book of Hours. Book of Hours is currently still in development, but you can wishlist it on Steam. These two games go hand in hand, as Book of Hours is based in the same setting as Cultist Simulator. Kennedy is working with TellTale Games to finish this game about an occult library. You can catch Alexis Kennedy at conferences around Europe speaking on these games and many more.

Working with Weather Factory has helped shape Kennedy’s career into what he always envisioned by letting him create and work around PC games as well as mobile apps. In addition to his two newer games we discussed, he’s also creating projects with a Bioware team called the Dragon Age. He started this work directly after bringing Cultist Simulator into play. The video game world is definitely accumulating new additions with Alexis Kennedy in the works.