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All About Andrey Andreev


Andrey Andreev is a Russian entrepreneur who works in the dating world. He started the well known Badoo. Alongside Badoo he runs many other businesses online. These businesses have made Andrey Andreev very successful and this article is going to give you a look into his life and everything that you need to know about it (Wikipedia). 

During an interview in the year 2017 this successful businessman talked about how he really had an interest in technology that deals with communication.This was his first whole passion, technology.  Andrey Andreev even stated that around the age of ten he built his very own radio. He went off to college when he got to the old enough age but quickly dropped out to go and start his very first company. 

He spent a lot of time during his life traveling back and forth between Spain and Russia. Andrey lives in London since 2005, but his journey started long before this. He started his very first business around the year 1995. This business was a store that you could find online and in this store he sold computers and things you need when working on a computer. He started developing more complex things that deal with computers as his journey went on. 

Andrey Andreev has become very successful through the years and continues to work hard even today to make sure that his businesses take him to successful years at great lengths. This successful businessman had to accomplish a lot of learning to get to where he is today and he has always been determined to reach for the highest mountains no matter what it takes.

He went from running a simple online computer store to running some of the biggest social dating sites on the web today. Andrey Andreev has big dreams to continue to grow himself in wealth and success and he is going to do that for many more years to come. 

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