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As Both CEO And Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola Is Truly Dedicated To ViSalus


Nick Sarnicola has pursued an interesting path with ViSalus. His industry of choice, the supplement industry, applies to its professionals a great amount of stress, but it has billions in potential with regards to what a particular firm could earn in that sphere. Nick Sarnicola’s progression through these levels of supplement sector success is certainly admirable, and it is among the most impressive of his outstanding achievements. Furthermore, Sarnicola is dedicated to seeing other entrepreneurs potentially match his level of success in other areas besides just the health realm. This was the reason for his $1 million donation decision in recent years, which went towards aiding those involved in various types of entrepreneurship, who are undeniably grateful to the ViSAlus co-founder.

Marketing, along with direct sales have been a powerful professional combination for Nick Sarnicola, and after co-founding ViSalus with Blake Mallen, these two factors have made up the majority of the core business model for ViSalus. Aside from just being co-founder, Mr. Sarnicola has gone even further with ViSalus, and he is doing a wonderful job at chief executive officer. It was in the beginning of the firm’s productive 2017, January to be exact, when Nick first rose up to CEO of this Los Angeles health and direct sales company. Previously, Ryan Blair was the individual in that chief executive officer seat, but it seems that his professional responsibilities are just as well-suited to Sarnicola.

As a health centered marketing group ViSalus has many tasks, but CEO Nick Sarnicola is steering the firm truly effectively. In earlier years, Mr. Sarnicola was actually Global Ambassador for ViSalus, and it is obvious that his working experiences as GLobal Ambassador influenced his current competencies as a CEO. Long-term, ViSalus has the potential to lock on to many health and supplement oriented marketing efforts. Having already pushed its direct sales into the billions with regards to profits, there is a strong ViSalus track record to build upon. Nick Sarnicola appears to be the perfect direct sales leader to push the California health company even further, and he may become even more prominent than previous CEO Ryan Blair.