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Betsy DeVos Brings on Conversations About Education


According to the New Yorker, America has more than 50 million kids in the school system. This is a lot for Betsy DeVos to be concerned about in her role as the secretary of education, but she clearly has a plan because she has been working towards education reform for decades. She has a desire to change the educational landscape in America, and I think that it is good that someone actually recognizes that there is a problem.

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I believe that it can be very hard to fix any problem if no one has taken the time to address the problem that they have. I believe that this has been the problem in America in concerns to education for a long time. It has been difficult to fix this problem because people just have not had a desire to address the the education system was a problem. I believe that Betsy DeVos will play a great part in improving education because she is someone that acknowledges the public school system is in a rut. She believes that charter schools can be a great improvement for the education system, and she is doing everything that she can to promote this. She is also a big fan of school vouchers, and I think that this is a great concept as well. Before Betsy DeVos I had never heard of the concept where students could seek funding to go to private schools. I believe that this is a very interesting thing because it challenges everything that I have ever known about the school system.

Some people may believe that Betsy Devos is a little radical when it comes to reforming education, but I personally think that her views are exactly what is needed to bring on conversation about education in America. I believe that she sees that there is a problem and see wants to create a fix for the problem that is currently in place. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

This can be an interesting concept that can totally change the way that people look at education in America. Betsy DeVos has decades of experience and she has given back a lot to education. That is one of the main reasons that I can take interest in what she is saying. She is not someone that is voice opinions while sitting back and criticizing the system. She has given an abundant amount of money to this education system in order to make improvements. That speaks volumes about what she plans to do while she is in the office holding the position of Secretary of Education. I could not personally think of a better person that would be more equipped to handle a job of such a tedious magnitude.


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