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Betterworks Offers New Software Package For Small And Midsized Companies


Betterworks is a Silicon Valley technology firm that offers Continuous Performance Management® solution to other companies. Established in 2013, it is fast becoming the number one option for businesses that need an enterprise-level HR solution that can scale up as they grow. The goal is to help companies be more productive and have almost unlimited control over how their business is operated.

It recently released “Team Edition” as a Continuous Performance Management® solution. This is designed for small and midsize companies. It’s an affordable product that features select performance management tools. Any business that is looking for performance, alignment, and compatibility would benefit from this product.

Agile businesses depend on their employees being able to see and react to changes as they occur in the business environment. Perceptive managers want to encourage and motivate their employees to do their best. The Betterworks solution is performance management technology that helps managers and employees support their companies.

A company can have up to 100 employees on a team in the “Team Edition”. The employees set aspirational goals by listing their Objective and Key Results. They are then able to track the progress they have made to attain them. This software helps managers and employees engage in continuous conversations about skill development and how to improve performance.

Betterworks Chief Product Officer Anup Yanamandra stated that “Team Edition” is ideal for smaller teams and businesses. Small and mid-sized companies now have a solution that works.

Download the Betterworks App – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234