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Cotemar: The Mexican Company Upholding High Values And Excellence In The Field Of Oil And Petroleum Development


Cotemar is a company that takes pride in its roots. The company is one of the largest oil and petroleum businesses in all of Mexico and offers some of the best services when it comes to the production of this resource. The company has some of the best machinery in North America and continues to stand tall in the face of its competitors. The Mexican government recently started making companies in the sector switch to more greener methods of extraction.

Even though a lot of companies had to face numerous hurdles trying to implement this, Cotemar had already implemented eco-friendly technology, which is why they did extremely well in this period.

The company knows that if they keep using the old technology and machinery that was manufactured years ago, they would not be able to meet the environmentally friendly standards that they set for themselves. Cotemar goes out of their way to ensure that the machines and technology that they use is constantly updated and environment friendly as much as possible.

The company has one of the largest fleets of ships in the country and stands among the top among companies in North America. Cotemar also has a huge number of lifeboats, ready to go to the rescue of any person who may be stranded at sea.

Since most of the operations of Cotemar happen out in the ocean, the company has to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their machinery, ships and most importantly, their employees.

Time and again, Cotemar has been ranked as one of the best workplaces in all of Mexico. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that all of the people that they are sending out to sea are physically and mentally fit.

All of the employees when sent out to work are equipped with GPRS trackers so that Cotemar can know where each one of their employees is at all times. The company has teamed up with AeroScout to track their employees via satellite, to ensure their safety.

The company has been a Mexican giant in the oil and petroleum industry for an extremely long time. All the employees of the company work extremely hard, which is why the company stands as the beacon of excellence it is today.

The company is governed by an extremely strong value system and believes in upholding them to maintain their integrity as a company.

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