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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Great Product Design Expert


Dan Bethelmy-Rada is famous for being the youngest president of L’Oreal Product Design Company. Due to his great skills and innovations, he has always been considered during promotions, and that is how he finally landed at the position he is currently. The company has always prospered since he began managing it because he employed his strong skills in product marketing.

The smooth way to success in his leadership has been enhanced through the proper sharpening of his skills through further studies. This has brought greater advancements in the firms because he was able to employ all modifications to ensure success beyond doubt. The best thing he did is engaging the employees to join hands with him in his plans about the firm. This has acted as a motivation that drives them to put more effort into ensuring the growth of the company. They always united in their work to improve the image of the company.

He has always limited the barrier between him and his juniors by simply picking their best decisions and innovations and implementing them on immediate effects. And that is why the company is taking control of the market through tremendous expansion. Dan has always known to balance business management and his family without any limitation. Before undertaking any venture, he always does enough explorations to make sure his knowledge and skills are in line with the firm’s mission. He developed an interest in photography through his work of adventuring the world.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada had known the importance of getting used to diverse cultures through his studies abroad. That is why he can employ the best-diversified tactics in his management and general creativity he owns. He always saw that as a noble opportunity for business because that is how he gets ideas from. The evidence of all these lies bear in his cosmetic firm which fits all cultural practices without ant default

To conclude, innovation can be further strengthened through proper research and proper decisions that bring about a great positive change in the entire venture. We should follow Dan’s footsteps to ensure success in our business aspiration.