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Daniel Taub’s Career in International Law and Negotiation Theory


Daniel Taub is a respected diplomat. Born in 1962 in Great Britain, Mr. Taub studied at Oxford, University College in London, and the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. in 1989, Taub moved to Israel, and he served in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) as a medic and reserve officer. In 1991, he started working in the Foreign Ministry, and between 2011 and 2015, he served as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. Currently, Mr. Taub is works at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as their Director of Strategy and Planning.



Daniel Taub’s Career in International Law and Diplomacy



Daniel Taub’s background is in international law. In fact, he has written a lot on international law topics, including Israel as well as the Middle East in general. His articles have been published in top magazines and newspapers, such as the Guardian, the Times, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. He also has a book to his name, called Parasha Diplomatit. His book provides insights on biblical issues, where he analyses sections of the Torah. The book is written from his own political, religious and humorous perspective.



As a diplomat, Mr. Taub was involved in many negotiations. For instance, he was involved in the peace negotiations between Israel and Persia. He was also involved in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine. While serving as the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, he also ensured that the ties between the two countries were strengthened. His areas of focus included sports, education, trade and technology. In fact, he was recognized as one of the nominees for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award because of these efforts.



Daniel Taub is passionate about international law. He not only writes but he also gives lectures on international law as well as negotiation theory. In his earlier life, he also worked as President Chaim Herzog’s speechwriter. Apart from his international law related engagements, Mr. Taub is also a creative. He is the chief scriptwriter, and creator of HeChatzer, an Israeli drama series. The drama is centered on the Hasidic sect, and it breaks religious stereotypes in the Israeli society.



Even with his tenure over, Mr. Taub is still passionate about diplomacy and international law. He still gives public lectures, and he is also interviewed for news segments on television stations such as CNN, Sky News and BBC.