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Dr Rick Shinto’s Leading His Team At Innovacare To Greatness


Alignment makes it possible for the company and its staff to work together towards achieving the goals and objectives set. This is the case for InnovaCare, a leading company in the health sector. Innovacare’s goal and objectives is to ensure that their clients get timely, reliable and cost effective Medicare throughout the country. The company has been able to maintain the leading spot courtesy of their charismatic and visionary chief executive leader Dr Rick Shinto.

Attaining high levels of education from top schools, is one of the things that fuel Dr. Shinto. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science from State University in New York opened his intellectualism in the medical world. He later joined Redlands University where he acquired a business administration degree. With a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in administration, Dr. Shinto was certain of leaving a mark in the corporate sector.

  1. Shinto is a strong believer in team work. He is not only a leader but also works alongside his colleague. This enables him to fuel interaction which results in the company’s creativity and innovative products. He encourages his staff to come out and share their ideas, communicate and interact with one another.

The successful career of Dr Shinto began more than twenty years ago in southern Carolina as a medical intern. After which, he joined MedPartners and later Medical Pathways Management Company as their chief medical and operating officer. He also worked at Aveta Inc as the company’s president and CEO. He was in charge of the company’s strategic planning and execution, making sure that the company moved to the next level in the industry. Currently, he helps manage MMM and Healthare Inc. the subsidiaries of Innovacare achieve their goals. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Despite being a trained doctor, Dr Rick Shinto has taken the role of administration well. His leadership style has pleased and appealed several people in the industry. He has earned an award from Ernst & Young as the entrepreneur of the year.

In addition to being a brilliant leader and strategist, Dr Shinto is an exceptional author. He shares his medical knowledge and findings to readers in forms of journals and also shares his business insights with the world through articles.

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