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Education and Career of Bennett Graebner


Bennett Graebner was born in Buffalo, New York on July 30, 1971. He graduated from Vassar College and got his undergraduate degree in English with a Phi Beta Kappa honor. He then went to the University of Southern California and got his MFA in Film Production. He married Vanessa Aberman in 2003. He and his wife live in Los Angeles, California and have two children (Vassar).

After graduating he took various jobs in the entertainment industry as a production assistant. Having an eye for framing and lighting allowed him to take jobs as a cinematographer on various movies and television. Working various jobs along the production chain on various projects allows Bennett Graebner to stand out. He understands the importance of all the members of a team in any one project and can distribute a doable workload to them. Most high-level producers have done various production jobs but the fact he has various on-set jobs is what makes him unique. His experience in the electrical and camera departments lets him know what these departments need during shooting and can deliver the best style.

The debate on whether film school is necessary is still going on in the entertainment industry. There have been many examples of filmmakers succeeding without it ut there is the argument that the experience will help your chances of honing your style and succeeding. Graebner’s successful career shows the results of going to film school. He is a television producer best known for “The Bachelor” which started in 2002. Other shows he is known for are, The Bachelorette which started in 2003, Bachelor Pad which started in 2010, and Love at First Kiss which started in 2016.

In film school, students are able to safely explore the overwhelming entertainment industry under the guidance of experienced professors. Even though Bennet Graebner works in reality television, those shows are closer to the other forms of entertainment than most realize. The shows may deviate from the normal fictional character and plots but the format still has to know how to keep audiences engaged. His understanding of story structure is what makes his shows so popular.

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