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For Anxiety-Stricken Adults, Talkspace Might Have The Answer


So many of us struggle with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. Yet many of us also suffer in silence because of the stigma around mental health. Talkspace, an online therapy app, wants to change that. It’s working to make therapy accessible and affordable for everyone. And Talkspace is changing people’s lives, one video chat or text thread at a time.

Wendy Wisner had started out in face-to-face therapy. She’d spoken with many therapists since she was a teenager, but none of them really helped, she says. There was one therapist she saw for about ten years who did make a difference. She felt like her anxiety was under control and didn’t need therapy anymore. Read more about the organization of Talkspace at crunchbase.com

Then her anxiety came back. She struggled her way through it, but realized she needed a concrete solution. Ms. Wisner stumbled across Talkspace while doing some research on therapy. She decided to give it a try because Talkspace is user-friendly and affordable.

The results, she says, have changed her life. The Talkspace platform is similar to email: your therapist may not respond to your messages in real time. That’s incredibly convenient for a busy mom like Ms. Wisner. She could message her therapist while in her pajamas after her kids were asleep.

She’s been thrilled with the results. The messaging tool means she can talk to her therapist in ways she might not in a face-to-face conversation. This is a godsend for people who are on the introverted side.

Therapy is a forum where you can be yourself and feel heard. Some of us don’t have that privilege in real life. Some of us have a circle of friends but want a licensed therapist to talk to.

Talkspace bills itself as “therapy for all,” and Talkspace reviews indicate that this platform is making a difference in the lives of its users.

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