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Jack Landsmanas Continues To Focus On The Well-Being Of The Employees Who Work For Corporate Kosmos


Jack Landsmanas Stern is businessman from Mexico who has been working hard to help people in his country for many years. His work with Corporate Kosmos has helped to grow his company into one of top food service providers in Mexico. Everyday, millions of people are fed because of his corporation. The food Kosmos transports goes to hotels, schools, and canteens in many different states in the country. Instead of being content with only serving himself, Jack Landsmanas Stern has continued to dedicate himself to improving the world through philanthropy and by becoming involved in the economics of Mexico. Many citizens in his home country have him to thank for being able to live a better life. He helped to create the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in order to facilitate his philanthropic leanings.

The foundation helps out by funding a spread of initiatives that help economically challenged individuals from Mexico. Kosmos Corporate has been operating for more than five decades, and during that time, it has been a leader in its industry. Before the corporation was in existence, Jack Landsmanas Stern’s grandfather Pablo Landsmanas was working hard to grow the company that preceded it. Pablo had come to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959 and had decided to become a businessman in the country. He opened up a butcher shop named La Modelo in Mexico City and remained committed to his customers for many years. Over time, he began to gain a broader understanding of the food sector in Mexico,and this inspired him to work with others to put together Sigma Alimentos.

Jack Landsmanas Stern is the Co-founder and chief executive officer of Corporate Kosmos. His company was created to help offer people the finest quality of foods in Mexico. The company’s logistic abilities have allowed it to continue to expand into many different states in the country. Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos is known for treating employees well and for also helping them to grow with the company by offering them various incentives. Jack Landsmanas Stern has helped to create thousands of jobs in Mexico. Many different social groups in Mexico also benefit from the food that is delivered by his growing corporation. Corporate Kosmos also works with philanthropic organizations by donating the resources they need to help people out all over the country. Many shelters have benefited from the compassionate giving of Landsmanas, and he has also focused on protecting animals and the welfare of all people in Mexico for many years.