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James Dondero Looks To Help Dallas Grow Into The Future


James Dondero relocated to the Dallas, Texas area in 1993 when he had already become an important member of the financial community in the U.S. Upon arriving in Dallas, Texas with his business partner, Mark Akada, the Highland Capital Management co-founder and Chairperson decided it was vital their new brand played a role in the local community. Dallas is a major financial center in the global economy with more than 20 Fortune 500 companies located in the city that are playing a major part in the development of a major philanthropic and financial sector in the Texan city.

Highland Capital Management has been at the heart of the philanthropic sector in Dallas since the financial institution was born in the early-1990s. James Dondero has been a vital cog in the philanthropic wheel of Dallas, Texas where the growing need for an improved level of philanthropy has been seen in almost every area. The traditional way of providing philanthropic support for the arts is a part of the life of James Dondero following his personal decision to provide support for a number of the most popular artistic institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For example, Dondero has been a consistent supporter of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and provided a large amount of support for the Dallas Zoo.

Some of the work being done by James Dondero within the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not as widely publicized but seen by many to be even more important. The Family Place has been one of the most important areas for James Dondero as he navigates the philanthropic waters of the world. The Highland Capital Management Chairperson has provided financial support for the charitable group that provides a safe haven for adults and children who are the victims of domestic abuse and are looking to start a new life.