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Jingdong is a Chinese company that has mastered the shipping and delivery of real and an authentic products worldwide. At JD.com they offer a wealth of information on the their corporate companies goals and vision for the future. You can find virtually anything your looking for when browsing their online page. JD.com’s corporate blog page in particular is truly great content to explore and really get a good idea of what they company is and how they use their skills to add to the economy.

JD.com’s blog post highlights the accomplishments of the business and it’s staff by creating articles that summarizes a few of their most recent achievements. One example of this is that they recently just shipped the first kiwifruit of the season in New Zealand and apple harvest as well. Creating opportunities to ship and deliver real high quality product such as this is just one way that Jingdong is contributing to society.

Their blog post also goes over recent news articles that concern them and their business practices and allows both employees and potential customers to stay up to date on useful information that concerns their shipping and receiving industry. Go ahead and check out the blog post at JD.com and see for yourself how what great things are being accomplished. Click here.