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John Goullet’s Successful Career in Providing Top IT Staffing Solutions to Companies


John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur that has pioneered multiple businesses within the IT industry. Currently, he is the Principle of Diversant LLC. John began his career in the IT sector as a consultant and later changed to an IT Staffing Account Executive. In 1994, he founded the Info Technologies Inc. and became the corporation’s CEO.

The company aimed at understanding the corporate environment as well as the client’s staffing needs after which it matched those desires to the appropriate skill set, work style, and personality of the IT consultants. Additionally, Info Technologies also offered IT solutions to Fortune 500 firm across the United States. Under John Goullet’s leadership, the company expanded to a value worth $30 million during its first five years of existence. As a result, it was ranked number eight on the 500 fastest growing private firms in the US by the Inc. Magazine. In 2010, John merged two corporations Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies and the result was DIVERSANT LLC.

In a recent interview at Ideamensch, John explained that he first had the idea to establish DIVERSANT approximately 24 years ago and after witnessing so many successful ventures in the IT staffing industry, he decided to give it a try. Mr Goullet commences his day by doing early morning workouts after which he heads to the office at 8 am and stays there until 6 pm and contact him.

John explains that new ideas are hatched from occurrences in the labor markets, which always has insufficient experts. John and his team brainstorm on the technologies that are in high demand and then incorporate them in the creation of skill sets that most clients require. John believes that technology is a broad concept that is ever growing and as such he sees a bright future for DIVERSANT as long as it serves its customers competently and what John knows.

Goullet explains that to grow a business, one needs to hire the best personnel available and offer some shares of the firm to them. Additionally, one needs to employ many trainees who need to be empowered and mentored continuously. Lastly, entrepreneurs need to foster a culture of accountability and John’s lacrosse camp.


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