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Matt Fleeger and Oil Matters


Gulf Coast Western, LLC is a company that has a lot of recognition in the United States and elsewhere. It revolves around all kinds of gasoline and oil avenues. People sometimes call it Joint Ventures. The team members who work for Gulf Coast Western, LLC mainly strive to learn about gasoline and oil supplies that are in the United States’ Gulf Coast area. Matt Fleeger works as Gulf Coast Western’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. It’s a family-run company that’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It’s been around since the start of the seventies. Although it hails from the Big D, it has branches in Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. Its Texas presence isn’t limited to Dallas, either.

People admire Matt Fleeger for an abundance of strong reasons. They’re well aware of his savvy that pertains to gasoline and oil. They’re well aware of his savvy that relates to taking care of waste that exists as well. People recognize that he’s a highly capable businessman who knows how to construct teams that actually work. They identify that he’s an executive who knows how to prepare well for all kinds of situations. Matt Fleeger was behind the creation of a company that was called MedSolutions, Inc. It was a business that concentrated on healthcare waste handling matters of all varieties. Stericycle, Inc. purchased MedSolutions, Inc.

Matt Fleeger isn’t at all unfamiliar with the concept of well-rounded and comprehensive educational paths. He studied at Southern Methodist University’s renowned Cox School of Business during his youth. He got a Business Administration degree from the school. Once his time at that school was up, he earnestly commenced working. He took full advantage of his marketing and finance talents. That’s due to the fact that he started working in the vast gasoline and oil sector.